A Symphony of Scandinavian Charm and Coastal Elegance

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In collaboration with Singles Builders, SMW Kitchens proudly unveils a kitchen and pantry designed for a new build, where Scandinavian design meets coastal charm. This project embodies a perfect amalgamation of warm, inviting aesthetics and functional modernity.

Design Consultation and Material Selection:

The journey commenced with a color and design consultation to capture the essence of a Scandi-Coastal theme. We chose Polytec Lamiwood in Prime Oak with a Woodmatt finish for the doors and panels, infusing the space with a natural, wooden warmth. Complementing this, the island feature panel in Polytec Steccawood ‘Cove’ profile with the same finish adds texture and depth, enhancing the kitchen's inviting feel.

Benchtops and Island Details:

Crafted from 40mm YDL Stone ‘Rosemee’, the benchtops feature a radius corner on the island and Aris edges on the remaining tops, creating a soft, organic look. The mottled stone pattern adds visual interest and complements the wooden elements.

Functional Elegance:

The kitchen boasts an undermount sink paired with elegant brass taps, creating a focal point of luxury and style. Vinyl flooring was selected for its durability and aesthetic appeal, contributing to the overall cozy and tonal feel of the space. Soft-close runners and hinges on all cabinetry ensure a seamless and quiet user experience.

Aesthetic and Practical Highlights:

A breakfast bar integrated into the island offers a casual dining and socializing area. The Lamiwood channel with matching fingerpull handles on overheads ensure a sleek, minimalist look while maintaining practicality.

Extra Additions - Study Nook, Bathroom Vanities, Laundry


In seamless continuation of the kitchen's aesthetic, the study nook in this home is a harmonious blend of functionality and style. Utilizing the same 40mm YDL Stone ‘Rosemee’ benchtops, with their inviting mottled stone pattern and Aris edges, the space exudes a sense of continuity and thoughtful design. This nook, nestled within the home, provides a perfect spot for work or study, integrating effortlessly into the overall Scandi-coastal theme. 

Echoing the home's cohesive design theme, the bathroom and laundry cabinetry and vanities are beautifully crafted with the same Prime Oak Woodmatt finish, seamlessly tying together each space with consistent wood features and an overarching sense of elegant harmony.


Capturing the essence of warm winters and cool, tonal summers, this kitchen stands as a testament to SMW Kitchens' commitment to creating spaces that are not just visually stunning but are a haven of warmth and functionality. The final result, often remarked as more stunning in person, showcases our dedication to crafting spaces that evoke comfort and elegance in equal measure.



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