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Sustainability and Safety

Nurturing Sustainability and Ensuring Safety at SMW Kitchens


At SMW Kitchens, our approach towards sustainability and safety extends beyond mere practices – they are intricately woven into our operational ethos, ensuring that our creations not only embody quality and elegance but also reflect our deep-rooted commitment towards ecological balance and the well-being of our team.


Harnessing Solar Brilliance for Sustainable Operations:

Powering our workshops with a robust 127kW solar system, comprising 234 Longi 545w panels & 5 Fronius Eco 25kw inverters spread across multiple distribution boards, we manifest our commitment to green energy. This formidable system is projected to yield up to 200,000kwh of energy annually, significantly reducing our carbon footprint and fostering an environment-friendly production line. Our system was installed locally by Phased Electrical. 


Optimising Water Utilisation and Ensuring Eco-friendly Disposal:

Our water usage strategy encompasses rainwater harvesting and meticulous recycling practices. With dedicated rainwater collection tanks, we optimise natural water usage. Moreover, water utilised in our processes, particularly in stone cutting, is filtered meticulously, ensuring that byproducts are safely removed, preventing any pollutants from infiltrating local water systems. 

Embracing a green ethos, SMW Kitchens Tamworth is staunchly committed to an environmentally conscious approach in every possible facet of our operations, particularly in our recycling practices. While we ensure that wood, fibers, and other materials are recycled and repurposed to the fullest extent, we acknowledge the challenges faced by regional businesses like ours where certain resources do find their way to landfills.

Founders Simon and Matt are not only committed but are proactive in mitigating this, tirelessly advocating for expanded recycling services from urban areas to encompass regional centres. Their vision extends beyond the boundaries of our workshop, aspiring for a future where the entire process - from creation to recycling - is seamlessly interwoven with sustainability, thus minimizing environmental impact whilst maximizing resource utility. It is this integral commitment that ensures our exquisite designs not only embody aesthetic and functional excellence but also mirror a steadfast dedication to preserving the environment.


Innovation at the Helm – Employing Cutting-Edge Technology:

Embracing advanced technologies, our cutting machines epitomize efficiency, performance, and flexibility, while ensuring the highest quality of cut surfaces. Notably, they exhibit a remarkably low environmental impact with minimal energy consumption, the lowest concentration of heavy metals in byproducts, minimized waste generation, and suppressed noise levels, advocating a harmonious coexistence with our surroundings.


Upholding Staff Safety and Wellness as Paramount:

In an industry where our artisans, particularly stonemasons, may be exposed to substances like silica dust, we adhere to stringent safety protocols. Ensuring the health and safety of our team is paramount. Our workers are endowed with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and we instigate optimal practices to mitigate exposure to hazardous materials. Moreover, we conduct annual medical checks and persistently update our safety practices, always prioritizing the well-being of our SMW family.


Leading with Ethical and Safe Practices:

In light of the prevalent issue of stonemasons encountering silicosis due to exposure to unsafe levels of silica dust, SMW Kitchens remains steadfast at the forefront of implementing and advocating safe practices. Ensuring secure, healthy, and ethical work environments is not just a practice but a pledge that we unwaveringly commit to.


Through meticulous sustainability and safety practices, SMW Kitchens stands as a beacon where exquisite designs are sculpted without compromising our moral, ethical, and environmental responsibilities. We are not merely crafting bespoke kitchens; we are carving a future where excellence, safety, and sustainability coalesce into a harmonious symphony.

Welcome to SMW Kitchens – where we design, create, and preserve, ensuring that our creations cherish the world that hosts them.