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In our community

At SMW Kitchens, we recognize that our essence is drawn not just from the quality of our craft, but from the vitality and well-being of the community we are a part of. Our commitment to the community is woven into our identity, understanding that our success is deeply intertwined with the prosperity of the people and spaces around us.

It’s not just about business—it’s about kinship, support, and collective growth.


Nurturing Local Talent and Sportsmanship:

Our passion for community welfare is reflected in our consistent sponsorship of local sports teams and events, recognizing that sports are a crutial for camaraderie, resilience, and holistic development. We are the proud Club Championship Sponsor for the Tamworth Golf Club and have stood as a steadfast supporter of the Pirates Rugby team for two years. Our sponsorship palette is diverse, having backed various Tamworth Oztag teams and Snake Athletic, understanding that every game played strengthens community bonds and spiritedness.

Giving Back Through Volunteering and Sponsorships:

Our engagement transcends financial support; it’s about active involvement. The Variety Bush Bash 2023 found in us an enthusiastic sponsor, just as the Westpac Rescue Helicopter did years ago. We also contributed to the White Elephant Ball, understanding that our donations are not mere funds, but catalysts for change and hope. These initiatives symbolize our belief in direct action, providing immediate relief and assistance where it's most needed.

Empowering Future Generations:

We invest in the future through our robust work experience programs, offering local youth practical exposure and skill development in various crafts, from cabinetry and stone masonry to administration and sales. We don’t just offer jobs; we help shape careers, understanding that today’s apprentices will be tomorrow’s leaders.

A Call for Collective Participation:

Our commitment, however, extends beyond formal programs and sponsorships. We encourage and facilitate volunteering, fostering a spirit of personal investment and contribution among our team members. It's about more than just writing checks; it's about rolling up our sleeves and getting involved.

Why Community Commitment Matters:

To us, community commitment is personal. Founders Simon and Matt, along with the entire SMW family, have seen firsthand the transformative impact of collective effort. Every sponsorship, volunteer project, and training program is a testament to our belief that we rise by lifting others. Our community is our foundation, and its strength is our most profound success.


At SMW Kitchens, we’re more than artisans of bespoke spaces; we’re architects of community welfare, continually striving to craft a legacy of unity, support, and shared triumphs. Our doors are always open.