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Work Experience

Work Experience


Welcome to an experience where your curiosity meets our dedication to fostering the next generation of skilled artisans and professionals at SMW Kitchens Tamworth. Navigating through the initial stages of a career, especially within the intricate world of custom cabinetry and bespoke design, is an amazing journey, and we're here to cultivate a path that educates, and empowers.


Embark on Your Journey: Application Essentials

For a meaningful experience, we seek individuals who emanate a genuine interest and commitment towards learning and contributing.

Here's how you can commence your journey with us:

  • Direct Communication: We appreciate direct communication from you, the aspiring individual, valuing your initiative and interest. A call before your email is always welcome. 
  • Email Us Your Interest: Forward your requests for placement, detailing your preferred dates and areas of interest, directly to
  • Include Essential Attachments: Ensure to attach a Cover Letter, Resume, or pertinent School Reports reflecting classes undertaken.
  • Timely Applications: Please submit your Expression of Interest at least 4 weeks prior to your preferred placement dates. Last-minute applications will not be accepted.


Why Choose Work Experience with SMW Kitchens? 


Craftsmanship Beyond Cabinetry:

Explore the artisan skills encompassing stone masonry and cabinetry, two pillars that are a part of our creations. Working closely with our expert craftsmen, grasp the nuances of materials, tools, and techniques, building a solid foundation in manufacturing bespoke pieces that are not only functional but also show exquisite craftsmanship.

A Canvas for Your Creative Flair - Design & Styling:

Unleash your creativity in our design and styling sector, where your innovative ideas transform into tangible creations. Engage with design software, material palettes, and styling accessories, ensuring every piece curated not only serves its functional purpose but also acts as a visual within spaces.

Administration & Sales - The Backbone of Operations:

Dive into the crucial realms of administration and sales, understanding how streamlined operations and customer interactions weave into the success of SMW Kitchens. Develop skills in organizational management, customer relations, and sales strategies, becoming an essential cog in the seamless functioning and growth of the business.

Ignite Your Career Pathway:

At SMW Kitchens, the skills and knowledge you acquire are complemented by a network of experienced professionals, providing you with a robust platform for career progression. Whether you find your passion in crafting, designing, managing, or selling, your journey with us acts as a springboard, propelling you towards a future where your skills meet opportunities, and aspirations transform into reality.

Be a Part of Our Success Tale:

Your involvement in real-world projects not only nurtures your skills but also endows you with verifiable experience, enriching your job application and providing you with tangible evidence of your capabilities and experiences. Thus, every day spent with us is a valuable addition to your CV, crafting you into an aspirant that stands out in the competitive career realm.


Let’s shape a future, handcrafted with skill, dedication, and your unique flair.


Welcome to SMW Kitchens!